Thursday, February 24, 2011

Almost there...

The journey is almost over. Or is it just beginning? Either way, an exhausting 2-year project to learn Objective-C and develop a game for the iPhone is finally about to bear fruit. And thanks to my ADD I have 5 games at various stages of development (all pretty far along, actually).

The first to hit the app store will be Flummoxed, a card game I've been working on with my Dad for nearly a year. It's been a true collaborative effort, with my Dad and I doing the programming, Stephanie working on the music and Amy Grubbs doing a lot of testing.

Flummoxed is going to be a 100% free, ad supported game. I have iAds integrated and working, but due to their low fill rate (around 15% from what I hear) I'm adding code to use adMob as a fallback. This is the last task I have remaining before Flummoxed is ready to submit to the App Store.

Needless to say, I am very excited and nervous as well. I will use this blog to detail my experience with the submission process as well as discuss technical issues I encounter while working on the rest of my games.

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